What are books about, and how should we understand what the thought process is about? Are there different ways to understand thinking? You know something?—I think there be thoughts a-plenty. All day we are thinking; That’s all we do. Humans are the Beings that produce, and later protrude, much thought. But it’s all useless! Here lying beside me is a newspaper. But what appears in it is nonsense. So…this is the problem of thought, books, expression.
      How should we deal with thought, if our thoughts are trivial fucking nonsense only? Is this the signal that we should we stop thinking? I think not. We must keep trying! Is not is the proper task of cognition to do it well, rather than poorly?
     Put your thinking caps on, people! (Remember that one? I do. But: I was in elementary school in the sixties, and I think teachers today done be so jaded and hip they wouldn’t say this.) Another strategy is to just cleave to some religious system. The one you pick will usually be the one that you know. You do not really pick it, exactly. Do you choose it? Hardly. But, there’s hope; you may also pick at random. This you may do: You may pick say, Islam. Excellent choice. (So says the Imam anyways!)
     I understand many persons to be essentially doing just this (picking at random). And you do not always have a choice at all but in the liberal tradition one does have a right to choose; I mean, one has a choice. Not for abortion. This is different: We have developed something else in the modern, Western (and now apparently global) world. Here one has a choice, and the choice applies to many matters. That doesn’t make the Western system better. The theme is that there are many books, hence, I am saying, many ways to do everything. Are you understanding this yet? I don’t say our system is better—not necessary to say that. Islamic countries, as the particular case may have it, produce rather few books, even fewer translations, and some students, in Madrasses, Muslim schools, and therefore the centers of their education, merely memorize. At an early stage, they do it not even knowing the meaning. It is not that this is wrong, though. They may think it is good to do that. It is no worse than what we do. Is it worse to generate endless streams of nonsense? Then you will need to disguise that as thinking! Criticize yourself first, not other cultures. What does the Western way amount to, then, but the functional process of the production of a lot of thought that in the main does not make up much of any kind of accomplishment at all. There is a lot of it. This is the topic here, and the way we shall be introduced 2 me blogging.
     The alternative seems to be either coming up with pure nonsense, or else we may invent something of the “fictive.” Why not come up with nonsense??! What a great idea! Just write it as fiction! Just go to the library: there/tis. The fiction is, as they say, just “lining the shelves.” Do they say that? As they say it in the Western area. Do they? I thought they say that. Then where did I get that from? Did they stop saying that? I have these issues, you see.

I think that the tendency to spout nonsense, and all the while say you are brilliant, has become institutionalized culture. While I am not here to criticize other cultures, believe me, I think I need to be concerned firstly with my own culture. And the West is a culture. I have a long love-hate relationship with it. And it is these kinds of people who become writers, sometimes.  I think so. I am very fond of Christopher Hitchens, for example, but also Christopher Lasch discusses this. I think people like him are what makes the air of our society breathable. O, for a breath. Maybe, it is now time to do that — take a break. I have said enough, so let me just stop here, breathe deeply — before I write another thing. Ah, that’s better. Just meditate…

In the world are a variety of different cultures and there are some – the ones I am a member of – that like to emblazon their thoughts all over the place. Some operate in other ways but I am the former type.
There is a whole publishing industry. This in New York. This is “the New York publishing industry.” This is also known as the New York publishing world. A good writer contributes to the publishing industry and exchanges money with his comrades. But it seems to me that there is a tiny problem here. This is exactly what the bad writers are doing. As we already said, most of ’em ‘r’ “bad.”
So I’ll just sit here and take it seriously; I’ll see what comes up. “What’s up?” It is that there is a problem! But no one says that. If I write I am one amongst the thousand others. Sort of that they all be doing the same thing but what do I care — what they got to do with me?
     I’m not fighting with them. No, my battle is with myself, you see. Or do you????

[Old “About”]

This is an example of a page. Unlike posties which are displayed on your bloogie’s front page… pages are better suited for more timeless content. Like, Military Advice and Book Reviews. But as this is an “About” page I want to mention to the consumer that when you see two posts repeating it is a new technique I am using. In this new technique the more recent post is (probably—Word Press is so techie I might goof, due to dyslexia combined with the WP computer nerd syndrome these persons mercilessly impost on persons like myself and I’m not going to go on my knees to these hum drums to get “advice”) probably my second writing, also known as the re-write in technical writer-insider knowledge. You get to see both the original as well as the re-write. So this is “About” the blog, and specifically about what you see under “Posts.” I guess I’ll just delete all the parasite or hosted info now, except for that cute little bit in the beginning…  Edit link… make changes to this page… bla bla bla bla bla. If WordPress is a host I must be the parasite!! Who knew?



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