I Meet a Trump Royalist

I had an interesting conversation with a woman who was an Arab from Morrocco. Within the conversation, she told me there was no ‘Arsb Spring’ thing there. I had asked how are things in Morrocco, and did they have the “Arab Spring.” She said they did not and also there is a king. Oh, a king system! Things in Morrocco things are perhaps not bad? There. It’s fine. They have their king, so—-anyways, it is so interesting to me to hear another point of view. I think so. This is a really different point of view, now. Ever combative, ever challenging, at this I pointed out: “Not all kings are good kings;” So sayz I. “Look at Trump,” I said in illustration. This guy. He wants to be a king. And the cafe worker nodded emphatically at this. So. Now she likes him! She likes the Trump King! I am getting nowhere with all this. Oh, boy. So Trump is a GOOD king, just like the king of Morocco, one supposed. But, getting back to my own country, the American case, why is this dork of person a good individual “king”? Because “he is not doing anything,” she said. He is not able to do anything. So, that is because we, the People, blocked his immigration plan. We stopped him! People stopped the immigration block, I said. Yes, it is because you know, we stopped his immigration block he tried to set up, we stopped him! Continuing to wipe tables, she went away. And as she did, she said: “thank you.”

OK, so the bottom line is that Trump is good, as  king. Good. Why? He is not doing anything. That is why. And then she walked away, still a Royalist. I met a Royalist today.


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