Need For a Social Basis or Foundation

You need a social basis. In order to do anything, you need a social basis. You stand on that basis when you fix the problem. If you do not have a real society, then you will not be able to deal with a problem in society. There needs to be a society there. That is basic. For example persons today may want to deal with some kind of a Trump problem, the obvious Trump problem, where something is wrong and you have a president who is not acting properly. For certain problems, you need skills. So, there is the idea that you have to develop the capacity to respond. But there needs to be a cultural basis as well. This idea is therefore about that basis. You would need to respond as a nation. You cannot just respond to these things if you do not have a basis. The basis is cultural. You would respond as a nation, basically.
So, I can see there are very smart people lining up against Trump. That is fine. But then I turn to wondering about the kind of response we are capable of as a nation, a community. Something like that. For activism to work there has to be “cultural basis.” It cannot work any other way. If there is someone who wants to respond to a thing like growing threats in government, how would they do it?
How do they coordinate their activities?
Are they all just acting individually? How do you shout down or gain the advantage over dozens of “alt-right” creeps? It does not just happen by magic. You need the cultural basis in all such matters.

I wonder why this is poorly understood. Maybe, in earlier times, the response would be that of a king, and a king has his own basis of power, without it being exactly cultural, in the sense I am getting at here.

But, for our kind of society, if you have persons who are totally nuts, and they are operating in the White House (I won’t try to think about the Congress or the Court), there has to be some other kind of response. There is less and less of a unified culture, at the same time. With less of the needed foundation, or basis, then, to get something done, you need your culture back. How do you put that back into place? This is a job for presidents or politicians—-who should understand this is the job they must do. We just get campaign slogans.


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