The Human Spirit, Unbowed (and diverse as sheet)

Persons are acting nice to one another. Despite all these daily afflictions we have got, the troubles that exist, all over the world, and all these various terrible problems nearly killing us we have the human spirit, resilient. In the United States of America for example, we have the different races and cultures. Everyone is here.

If you put them into a melting pot, they are all going to turn out as the same. Truthfully, they’re trying to act like white Anglo-Saxons. They will do that. There’s a book about Jewish soldiers, in the German armed forces, in WWII. I will say they knew who to emulate. It tells about one soldier who was one-quarter Jew: how he heroically tries conceal it, in order to pass or “become” instant one-eight Jew, which is OK, according to the rules. That gets allowed in. And he wanted this of course. All that this man wanted to do was to be German! My, my what a major, wonderful race this is! Everyone knows who is dominant because it is obvious. The dominant culture (this is the latest up to date version) is Western-style capitalist oblivionist globalization. And that is dominated by white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. This is true, you know?

Truly, there exist a lot of varieties of humanity—and all with the same human essence. It makes me feel that I just want to take up my own position as an optimist. That’s how I felt when that woman of the Indian sub-continent who inspired this essay smiled at me!

Truly we are all brothers in Protestantism.


So. How long will this awesome experiment go on? I am really sorry to know about climate warming, because it threatens to cut off the march of Anglo-Saxon progress. It makes us see how idiot-like the Trump types are because they won’t even admit that oil is – well it is dirty. But the West in general? I mean these are the ones who (inclusive of Asian versions) came up with the I-net, the micro-chip, and: Google Maps! What the fuck would they have come up with next?

But no, because these oil men dinosaur type persons do not even admit that tar sands is dirty. Reality is not a fucking fairy tale guys. Wake up. That thing – over there? That is the moon. The other one, over there is the sun, and Global warming is Real. These stupid idiots are living in a fairy tale.


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