“Horrors” (at the store)

Nobody expects that the 7-11 would treat them fairly. It isn’t expected. When they enter, they see a typical display of junk food, as that is most of what 7-11 sells. You would have wanted to avoid it, but with the same garish packaging everywhere everything seems to mitigate against that option. You could try picking the orange, or the apple. It looks like it is sitting there inexplicably, in the Garden of Eden (asking you to avoid temptation). Or else maybe they have run out of fruit. Do you want that mozzarella stick? That is an insultingly small healthy alternative, kind of insultingly small. Not a powerful weapon, then, to fight the temptations with. What 7-11 means to do, however, is to sell you ‘junk’ food. That is more apropos. The buyer knows it — the two pieces of fruit is due to political pressure.

Seems to me, like this: the basic fact of life is that the atmosphere is hostile. Then how do you actually live? It is not easy to live in an atmosphere like that. As a consequence of this total hostility, a taint in of the outside atmosphere of our human existence, one has to find a sort of narrow path to virtue. And you need to follow that path in an environment that is hostile, as I think I already mentioned.

It’s an inhospitable atmosphere. Generally speaking, this is the case. So you will need to fight back. The atmosphere is sure to be hostile. To fight, the individual finds a justification, a strategy. You have to thread your way through any narrow openings that may be offered. Persons living on a normal, low-income level, or an ordinary existence, as opposed to the existence of a millionaire politician hedge-fund broker have their world-views, just like anybody else would, and what they see is a rather suffocating atmosphere. But, what “radicals” cannot understand is that they see this everyday life as normal, and if they know better, which is possible, maybe they have the remedy somewhere, but as an aspect of their private life—this is not something you do in public. For example, they might not buy junk food at the 7-11, because they are keeping something better at home. In the refrigerator no doubt.

Otherwise, they eat this junk food, and you can die from it. That is not impossible. In any case, they see these atrocities around them day, and what they see in the world tends to be accepted as a baseline normal. It could be entertainment, convenience stores, or something you see at the movies: crap is the norm.

Yes, the 7-11 can be a truly horrific place but there’s nothing you can do about it.




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